The potential of the medicinal plant industry

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Bring Positive Value And Take Care Of Your Health

Who is CollabRx ?

Collabrx is a data analytics company that uses a cloud-based expert system to inform healthcare decision making.

Collabrx develops in the field of medicinal herbs to serve medicine and health products.

Company name: Collabrx, Inc.
Headquarter: San Francisco, CA.

The Ecosystem

Expand On A Global Scale

Cooperate with


Real Estate

Digital Bank

Tourism 4.0

Blockchain Education

Big Farm

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Clinic

Food and Beverage

Provide solutions on blockchain technology in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Producing and trading precious medicinal plants.

Producing and trading in health and beauty products and consumer goods.

Investment in tourism development 4.0, link and develop Digital Bank in Dubai

Real estate business and construction.

Training and providing courses on blockchain in universities.


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